Unleash the Full Potential of Your Crypto Assets with ARM Cards.

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Features Overview

Unlock Modern Spending

Experience the future of transactions with our sleek, translucent ARM Cards, featuring cutting-edge tap functionality for seamless use globally wherever Visa is accepted.

Empower Your Finance

Dive into a suite of comprehensive services including automated accounting, expansive multi-chain support, robust non-custodial security, efficient bill pay, seamless integrations, customizable limits, and a range of exclusive perks.

Empower Your Finance

ARM Cards are crafted with the needs of DAOs, DeFi protocols, NFT projects, and web3 startups in mind, providing targeted financial solutions that propel the digital finance sector forward.


Transparent Models: Clear, straightforward pricing structures with no hidden fees, designed to accommodate the diverse needs of crypto-native teams.

About Us

Mission Statement

At ARM Cards, we're committed to empowering crypto-native teams with seamless, secure financial management solutions, bridging the gap between digital assets and traditional spending.

Real-World Usability:

Instant Spending: Elaborate on the instant conversion of digital assets to fiat for use in the real world, showcasing ARM Cards' physical and virtual options for immediate access to funds.

Non-Custodial Security:

Advanced Protection: Deep dive into the non-custodial solution that leverages audited intelligent contracts, ensuring users maintain control over their finances with unparalleled security.

Multi-Chain Support:

Expansive Reach: This section details ARM Cards' native support for multiple blockchains, highlighting current and future integrations to accommodate the evolving landscape of digital finance.

Step into the Future of Finance with ARM Cards. Secure, Flexible, Global – Your Key to the Digital Economy. Get Started Now.